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0ctober 27th and 28th 2023

Its Only A Movie  Horror Film Festival


at ENIGMA3 Studio and  Rantal, in Vineyard UT

The 2023 IOAM fest coven has convened and dark plots are afoot. Reach into the dark corners of your soul and create up to 10 minutes of  your most horrifying storytelling, but don't freak out... 

Its Only a Movie

Thank you all who submitted and attended the 2022 IOAM Festival. The show was a roaring success for the organizers and the Rivoli. We cannot wait to see what the Utah community brings us in 2023!

The spookiest festival in the greater Springville area.

The rules are, under 10 minutes and PG13ish. The festival will have lots of cool events and spooky things to watch. The final schedule might not be available till the week before as we are going to need to see how many submissions we get. So steel yourself and summon your courage but don't fret... Its Only a Movie.


The Films


An emerging technology gives Adam a chance to achieve the perfect redemption.


The Tragedy of Frankenstein

After finding his brother's dead body, Victor Frankenstein pursues the monster who murdered him.


A Steady Hand

A runner discovers a relic of the old west, but what appears to be a forgotten and discarded antique takes him on an adventure he never expected. 



Due to a terrifying breakdown in front of her students, a preschool teacher attends therapy to overcome her newfound fear of the color yellow. 


The Cave

Edwin, in a race against time must choose to save his friend, but at what cost?



As Greg settles down for the evening, strange noises and warnings on sticky notes cause anxiety and delusion. 



A FIlm Submission for the Festival


The Time Machine

An Inventor returns from his time travels and recounts his journey


Spooky Stories with Lilly 2 

Lilly and her Brother Hendrik share a story about Zombies


Nourish and Strengthen

What happenes if you do not bless your food?


Marketplace Pickup 

What was supposed to be routine, turns out DEADLY


Blood Ties 

Two sisters try and contact their long dead mother



Faust is an adaptation of a German silent horror film from 1926


Can you see me now 

A Technician gets trapped in an equipment room and is unsure of what is reality vs what the camera sees


The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Will  McCalister's experiense spending the night in one fo the oldest churches in the world


The Lantern Man 

A Husband and Wife argue over the fate of their daughter


Don't Leave the Circle 

A demon attempts to convince the woman who summoned him to leave the circle.


The Old Hag

A Young woman has an episode of sleep paralysis


The Ghost Phone

Things get spooky when a Ghost Phone is used at a party



Modern day take on Lady MacBeth


The Basement

Teen boys dare friend to spend 30 min in a schools basement


The Final Séance

Friends invite a dead friend to join them in a séance 


Ghost of my Past

A music video about being haunted by a ghost


After Hours

A young woman is closing up shop on Halloween, but will she be OK when she finds out she is locked inside?

Enigma3 Studio and Rentals

Enigma3 Studio and Rentals

197 E 1600 N St Suite 101, Vineyard, UT 84059 

Enigma3 Studio and Rentals is the largest rental house in Utah County and has equipment and staff that would and will make all you filmmakers jealous and drool. They are not haunted yet... we checked. So barring something happening before our horrifying event the frights will have to come from your devious films. Seriously they saved us this year when our other venue fell through so we are very grateful to them. But dont freak out... Its Only a Movie!