10-28 and 10-29, 2022

Its Only A Movie Horror Film Festival

at The Rivoli Theatre Springville, UT


Overall Winner- The Departed

Spookiest- Nightmares

Best Cinematography- Rager

Best Sound- Sleepless

Best Acting- Honey Do

Best Effects- Bury Me Alive

Audience Choice Day 1- Gary Ted and Bob meet Santa

Audience Choice Day 2- This Little Piggy

Thank you all who submitted and attended the 2022 IOAM Festival. The show was a roaring success for the organizers and the Rivoli. We cannot wait to see what the Utah community brings us next year!

The spookiest festival in the greater Springville area.

The rules are, under 10 minutes and PG13ish. The festival will have lots of cool events and spooky things to watch. The final schedule might not be available till the week before as we are going to need to see how many submissions we get. So steel yourself and summon your courage but don't fret... Its Only a Movie.

The Films


A boyfriend finds out that his girlfriend is not all she appears to be.


On a man's way home from work he is alerted by the Emergency Broadcast System saying, “DO NOT LOOK AT THE MOON.”

This Little Piggy

A unique, twisted horror-comedy short film adaptation of the nursery rhyme, "This Little Piggy".

The Dark

After a young man returns home alone late at night, he finds himself terrorized by an unseen force every time he is in the dark.

I Live Alone

A young woman discovers she has an unwanted roommate in her new apartment.

Billy Wray from Pest Away

Billy and BJ Wray fight to keep their booming family pest control business together after the Zombie apocalypse.


Every dream is a nightmare, but things get worse for Noah when he is under suspicion because of certain details in his 'Dream Journal'.

Black Like My Soul

When Whitney Jones Finds a totally awesome haunted house He Joins a group of teenagers 5 will enter how many will leave?


Halloween Film Festival 2022


An aspiring writer, stranded in the wilderness, seeks help from her girlfriend. Things go awry when she sends her shady older brother to give the writer a ride home. (Special Screening)


RAGER embodies the anger women and many groups feel towards being targeted by misogynistic men in this dark pop music video short film.


An evening in the life of a young woman who lives alone...or does she?

Gary, Ted, and Bob Meet Santa

Three sweet friends have the merriest and scariest night of their young lives

Honey Do

A man finds himself in a complicated set of relationships, each with their own "honey do" checklist of chores for him to perform.

The Furby

When Jim grabs a simple toy for his siblings he's met with something more sinister than expected.


Andy's having a hard time falling asleep. Maybe a little late night TV can help.

The Masque of the Red Death

A prince throws a party to hide from the pestilence that plagues his lands. Death, however, has other plans.

Spooky Stories With Lily

Lily shares a spooky story of her own creation.

You Were the Wolf

A Priest battles his inner demons

The Forager

A lone forager explores the woods. What will she discover for her annual harvest?


An exhausted man trying to get some sleep is haunted by a constant stream of nightmares that blur the line between wake and sleep.


A woman is followed by a stranger to her door...will she get her keys out in time??

Grove Of Blood

A hiker makes a disturbing discovery in the woods.


A young woman, alone in her home, grows in fear as her mind struggles to differentiate between what is real and what is not.

School House Murder

A group of film students is making a short film for a club, while filming their short a murderer sneaks onto set and starts killing the cast and crew.

Tuesday Night

A man is stalked by a strange entity.

Sleep Study: Pluto the Toy Protector

A teenager who claims his teddy bear talks to him is placed in a sleep study facility to get help, only the facility may not be as benign as it appears.


A young married couple are terrified by a creepy child after refusing him candy on Halloween night.

The Departed

After visiting a haunted abandoned hospital, Emma returns home to discover that the eerie stories are true and that she is not alone.


"By means of it, it goes on all fours." Four hikers are hunted by a creature from Navajo mythology.


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Your Film Here

The Rivoli Theatre

The Rivoli Theatre

254 S Main St, Springville, UT 84663

The Rivoli Theater under the ownership of Emil Ostlund first opened its doors to the public on December 22, 1927 with its first movie presentation, a silent picture titled “Loves of Carmen.”

The Rivoli was note the first movie house to open in Springville. The Star Theater in the block north of the Rivoli had been in operation for several years, but would soon give way tothe more progressive Rivoli which added a sound system for the “talkies” in 1929.

The movies, along with radio programs, became the most popular forms of public entertainment and movie going by the late 1920s was a regular habit for many Springville adults and younger people alike. New films were released in great quantity as Hollywood capitalized on the vast appetites of the film loving public. New films opened two or three times a week and the Rivoli audiences responded enthusiastically when the big stars of the day like Clara Bow, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford graced the silver screen.

Through the depression years of the 1930s and the war years of the 1940s patrons flocked to the movies for a brief respite from tough economic times and wartime worries. There were also newsreels for keeping up with current events.

Adding to the fun were live performances of trained chimpanzees and mesmerizing magicians. This mix of filmed and live entertainment continued until 1967 when Carl Lind, a new owner, remodeled the theater and renamed it the Villa. A few years later another group acquired the theater and it became the Villa Playhouse.