Intro Film:

by Vanessa and Joseph Winter


1st Place:

"Out of Sink" by Kristi and Steve Shimek


2nd Place:

"Dangerous Nature" by Adam Johnson



3rd Place:

"Charlie Bit Me" by Alma Loveland


4th Place:

"I Don't Have Any Friends" by Amy and A. Todd Smith


5th Place:

"Mime" by Jordan Harker and Joey Daniel



Scariest Film Winner:

"Blackout" by Doug Vandegrift



"How to Play Hide and Seek Alone" by Bryce Mousseau



"I've Come 4 U, Dummy!" by Brett Stifflemire



"Lonely Night" by Paul and Patrick Gibbs



"Family Time" by Will McAllister



"Fishing Trip" by Brendan Larkin



"Objects in Mirror" by Briana Wall



"Lick" by Eric John Anderson


"Wake" by Malachi Van Nice


"A Watery Grave" by Ben Brooksby



"Deadly is the Woman" by Kaitlin Mansfield



"When I Watch You Sleeping" by Mike Loveland



"P.O.V." by Braxton and Jason Paas



"Franky Time!" by Tyce Jones



"The Tenth Commandment" by Taylor Doose


"Omen" by Jade Weedop



"Princess" by Mark Andersen


Showcase Films

"Cobweb" by Valerie Sterrett


"The Sweetest of Dreams in CandyLand" by B.C. Sterrett


"Empty Man" by Scott Dastrup



"Scaredy Cat" by Spencer Holt



"Dismantle" by Aaron Hurt