Intro Film:

by Vanessa and Joseph Winter

1st Place:

"Stin Stin" by Joey Daniel and Jordan Harker

2nd Place:

"Can it Blend?" by Gabe Casdorph

3rd Place:

"Parting with Paul's Body" by Wilson Hansen

4th Place

"Packard Creek" by Gregory and Rebecca Barnes

5th Place

"The Cremation of Sam McGee" by Paul and Ryan Richardson



"The Storm" by Aaron Hurt



"Campsite Ghost Stories" by Will McAllister



"Dread" by Quint Ewell



"Halloween Courtesy" by Micah Woodard and Nathan Sauter



"Meet Me at Home" by Tyce Jones



"Suzie Lou" by KC Tobey



"Shadows" by Malachi Van Nice


"Afoot" by Lara and Randall McNair


"Once You Understand" by BC Sterrett

"The Decision" by James McAllister


"Dirt" by Eric Mock


"Lighter Darkness" by Adam Nott


"Clyde Kranston's Last Day on Earth" by Ben and Joel Brooksby

Showcase Films


"Cereal Killer" by Ammon Carter and Jason Paas


"Little Vial of Poison" by Kathryn Bingham

"Dangling Cliffhanger" by Brett Stifflemire


"The Curious Cloak" by Cade and Ashley Taylor


"Hell's Angel" by T. Simeon Doose